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Spanish Intensives

Cooking classes!

Learn to cook well-known dishes from Spanish-speaking countries! Join Shane in her home for cooking classes that are conducted in both Spanish and English. These classes are great for all levels of Spanish and students will also receive a copy of the recipe so they can re-create it for their families! 

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Dance classes!

Take a dance class with Shane to learn Salsa or Merengue. Learn the history of the dances as well as how to lead and follow in a safe space. Students will dance to popular and classic salsa and merengue songs and learn to differentiate between the two types of music. Shane is also available to choreograph short performances. Dance classes are taught in both Spanish and English. 

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Café Café!

Learn all about different ways coffee is consumed in Spain, and how to know what you are ordering in a café! Students will learn how to use a stovetop espresso maker, how to make different types of coffee beverages, and which ones they like (or don't like).

They will also prepare and eat a typical Spanish breakfast!

Don't worry, the coffee is decaffeinated.  

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Taco Fridays!

Join Shane for a short Spanish Immersion Adventure and of course, TACOS! (^_^) 

There is limited space available for each Taco Friday, so reserve your spot now.

Price does not include cost of food, students are responsible for their own meal and must order in Spanish!

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