Free Spanish games tournament while schools are closed!


(Times are in PST)

Thursdays - Spanish all levels

tournaments begin at 10:00, 10:15, 10:30





tournament content will rotate between the curricula of different school districts. This means that you might not know all of the words in a given set of vocabulary, but you can definitely learn some new ones! 

Levels will be based on attendance.

How it works

Step 1: Download Zoom onto your device. It works on most devices.

Step 2: Sign up using the form below and I will send you a Zoom invite for the tournaments. Keep this email, the Zoom code will be the same each time. 

Step 3: Login to Zoom to get the game code and be able to see the leaderboard. You will probably want to mute your microphone. You also have the option of turning off the video (of you).

Step 4: Enjoy playing in the tournaments and have fun crushing the competition!


Inappropriate screen names will be booted out of the game

Inappropriate language and conduct will result in being booted from the game, along with a conversation with parents. Dude. Just be nice! 

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