Are your pre-teen or teenage children overwhelmed with online school?

Are they stressed and anxious but don’t know how to cope?

Our educational system as we know it has completely changed. All of the sudden, students who are normally quite independent in their learning are doing worse in their classes than they have ever done. Oftentimes they are too overwhelmed to understand their situation, and they might not know what overwhelm feels like to them, or how to cope with it. They might be lashing out at their families, their parents, or the adults who raise them, or displaying signs of apathy or depression.


The adults, who are also overwhelmed with having to be teachers and taskmasters as well as their ever-unfinished role as parents, don’t know how to help their children manage their schoolwork. This can be because adolescents rarely listen to the sage advice given by the adults who raise them (they’re basically hardwired for this). It could also be a combination of this and that the adults don’t understand the multi-layer, multi-step process of each program or website for each class that their kids have to access. My brain is exploding just thinking about it. 


I’m offering help for students so that they can identify their overwhelm and reduce their stress and anxiety through academic organization, meditation, and visualization, so they can get through what they need to get through in order to be successful for the rest of the school year. 


This free class (part of a 4-class series) will be held on Zoom on

Friday May 29th at 3pm PST. Students are not required to start their video during the call. Students may send in questions via private chat on Zoom or by email to 

 Shane will answer questions during the class and keep the source of the question anonymous.

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The rest of the Blast away stress for teens course will be held on Fridays @ 3:00pm PST on June 5th, 12th, and 19th. The classes will be recorded so if you can't make the live class time, you will be sent recordings of the classes. The rest of the course includes: 

- support and validation for students engaging in digital learning


- Identifying overwhelm, stress, and anxiety

- tips for academic organization and study skills

- techniques and visualizations for reducing overwhelm, stress, and anxiety

- tips for communicating with educators and self-advocacy

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About Shane: 


Shane Lillian Braverman is a National Board Certified Teacher and has taught in both public and private schools throughout her educational career. She has taught everything from world languages to martial arts to meditation and loves to connect with adolescents and help them to see just how incredibly awesome they are. She currently works with adolescents to help them with academic coaching, self-esteem boosting, Spanish tutoring, and how to use energetic and spiritual tools to raise their self-esteem and feel more contentment in their lives. 

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